Become known as the Home of Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Innovation and entrepreneurship are the hallmarks of the knowledge-based new economy.  Most job creation and economic growth is driven by small enterprises—from entrepreneurial start-ups to leading-edge innovators.  Business investment and talented young people are attracted to places where innovation and entrepreneurship are encouraged, cultivated, and rewarded.  Every part of Virginia can participate in these growth opportunities.

Virginia’s higher education institutions are at the center of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Through creative policies, strategic investments, and public-private collaboration, our research universities and other higher education institutions can be leveraged to gain recognition for Virginia as the HOME OF INNOVATORS AND ENTREPRENEURS.

To achieve our innovation and entrepreneurship goals, Growth4VA advocates these policy priorities:

  • Promote policies and investments that will increase Virginia’s share of federal and private research dollars.
  • Encourage business and research university collaboration that helps start-ups bring new discoveries to market and create jobs.
  • Have colleges, universities, and community colleges in each region play a leading role in economic development and creation of higher-paying jobs through GO Virginia.

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